Midas Support & Consulting

In addition to our standard support and consulting options, Kitware offers a variety of services supporting Midas Platform and the various implementations valuable to organizations and companies. Kitware offers the services below as well as offers secure data solutions for individuals, groups, and organizations, including custom processing and reporting services and custom development and integration assistance. All custom services include 30 days of technical support and all Midas patch releases for one year.

Midas Compute Server

Kitware provides customized server-side processing capabilities of Midas, either with Kitware's compute resources or in conjunction with your in-house Midas installation.

Midas Data Server

Kitware offers both public and private data hosting services which can be housed at a safe Kitware site or installed on your computer systems for those companies needing to track more than just publications.

  • Individuals with less than 50 gigabytes of public data:
    • Project setup, including 10 hours of page customization, and initial 10 gigabytes of upload ($5,000/3 years)
    • Data is stored for 3 years and cannot be deleted or replaced.
    • Upload allocations must be purchased in 10 gigabyte increments ($2,500/3 years)
  • Individuals with more than 50 gigabytes of public data
    • Contact Kitware for a custom price quote, kitware@kitware.com.
  • Full installation of the Midas Data Server is available for $4,900 / year per installation and includes:
    • Binary distribution running on most standard web servers
    • Full documentation
    • 10 hours of support per year
    • Customization and training available at Kitware Standard Rates

The Midas Data Server can also be purchased as a one-time installation.

Please contact Kitware to discuss the pricing options and details, and to obtain a custom price quote by emailing us at kitware@kitware.com. For more information on Kitware's consulting services, please visit our consulting page.