Midas Toolbox

There are several tools or components for Midas that can be used individually or together to create a tailored solution to your data and analysis needs.

Midas Compute Server Midas Visualization
Midas JournalMidas Publications Database
Midas DesktopMidas Data Server

If you need additional services to complement your use or installation of Midas, please see Kitware's Midas Support & Consulting page.

Midas Compute Server

There is a new processing system for the Midas Compute Server with additional functionality designed to improve its usability and robustness. The new server handles remote and scheduled processing, and enables:

  • Scheduled periodic jobs on dynamics datasets
  • Easy setup of server-side tasks through a user-friendly interface
  • Use of unlimited numbers of processing servers
  • Rapid addition of new processing servers, complete in less than a minute
  • Use of online dashboard interface to view results
  • Exploratory analysis of algorithm parameters and characterization of the results.

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Midas Visualization

Midas Visualization is a collection of web services that enable web clients to show interactive visualization components within web pages. Based on ParaViewWeb, which aims to provide a collaborative remote web interface for 3D visualization with ParaView as a server, Midas Visualization provides an easy to use interface to visualize massive datasets directly through the user's browser.

Midas Visualization comes with the following set of features:

  • Online visualization of 3D datasets (mha, VTK, etc.)
  • Online preview of multimedia files (video, audio, text)
  • Support for a variety of browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, iPhone)
  • Links to Midas Visualization with the ParaViewWeb Application or Slicer

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Midas Journal

Midas is used extensively for powering robust online journals that support automatic and peer review, submission of data and code in conjunction with articles, and open access to publications. Some of the highlights of using Midas to power your online journal include:

  • Web-based submission and review systems
  • Open-review and Open-access oriented
  • Online submission of papers along with any supporting electronic materials (including source code and data)
  • Online distribution of submissions to reviewers
  • Ranking of submissions and reviewers (based on specificity and sensitivity)
  • Automatic building and testing of source code from submissions

The Insight Journal applies Midas's e-journal capabilities to provide support for open access scientific research in the domain of medical image processing.

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Midas Publications Database

The Midas Publication server is designed to provide easy storage and access of publications. In addition to storage, this server:

  • Enables easy search of publications
  • Conforms to the Open Archives Initiative (OAI)
  • Supports the Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI) system
  • Is built on top of open-source DSpace technology
  • Is automatically harvested by Google Scholar
  • Offers an image gallery to enhance publications
  • Automatically generates and exports citations as Bibtex

The National Alliance for Medical Imaging Computing (NA-MIC) is currently hosting a Midas Publications Database through the Surgical Planning Laboratory (SPL). Utilizing the Midas Publications Database, NA-MIC is able to provide the infrastructure and environment for the development of computational algorithms and open source technologies, while maintain the ability to then oversee the training and dissemination of these tools to the medical research community.

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Midas Desktop

Midas Desktop is a cross-platform standalone application, written with Qt, for synchronizing a Midas server. Midas Desktop allows both anonymous and authenticated access to the data using Midas's web API. It is easy to use and secure, facilitating straightforward:

  • Downloading/Uploading of data on the cloud
  • Synchronizing of your data on the cloud
  • Searching and sorting of your data

Additionally, Midas will send notifications when new data is available, making it simple to keep current with all available data. The Midas Desktop uses Midas's Data Server capabilities to organize, index, upload and search files.

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Midas Data Server

The Midas Data Server provides a powerful and readily searchable storage solution for data. The multimedia data server provides:

  • Hierarchical organization of data
  • Secure connections and user logins
  • Extensible support for over 20 data types including XML, PDF and 20 image types
  • Friendly and efficient upload tools
  • Customizable meta-data
  • Powerful search engine (searches meta-data, file contents, and image headers)
  • Optionally indexed by Google, Yahoo!
  • Built on top of open-source DSpace technology
  • Conforms to Open Archives Initiative (OAI) and Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI) standards
  • 3D interactive Slice viewer for volumetric datasets

In addition, there are multiple routes for accessing the data. There is an easy-to-use web-based interface, an innovative file access system that provides compatibility with legacy systems, and a web-based image browser that supports browsing and annotating massive images.

The Insight Journal Data Server applies Midas' Data Server capabilities to organize, index, upload and search files submitted to The Insight Journal.

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