Midas Case Studies
Optical Society

The Optical Society (OSA) is using Midas in their Interactive Scientific Publishing System (ISP). The ISP was created with Midas to meet the OSA's need for a robust database system for sharing, processing, storing, and peer reviewing of their journal submissions. In addition to sharing papers, the ISP enables authors to share their 2D and 3D datasets and the resulting images, which can be interactively viewed and analyzed by readers. This new paradigm for the publication of scientific papers encourages interaction, provides a more engaging reading experience and promotes reproducibility in scientific publications.

Give A Scan

Give A Scan, an initiative of the Lung Cancer Alliance, is a publicly available archive of images and clinical data on lung cancer patients that is fueled by patient donations. All the data within the archives has been provided by lung cancer patients to stimulate lung cancer research and accelerate progress. Midas powers the Give A Scan website and provides the robust backend database. Patients provide their images and data to Give A Scan, which are then uploaded to the website. From the website, patients and researchers can browse, search, and download indexed longitudinal patient studies.

Insight Journal

The Insight Journal uses Midas to power its unique article publishing system. As an open access online publication, the Insight Journal emphasizes peer-review and reproducibility in its publications. Midas enables authors to submit their article accompanied by their code, parameters, and data, and then performs an initial review of the entire package. This first review is published with the article and encourages other reviewers to engage in active discussion with the author, who can submit updated code and material in response to comments. Midas provides the functionality behind the submission and review processes, and the infrastructure for community discussions.