Get Involved

Midas Platform is created and maintained by a user and development community. As with any open-source project, the community is critical to the improvement of Midas Platform. If you would like to get involved, there are several ways to contribute. The simplest way is to report bugs or make suggestions, which can be done through the issue tracker. You may also want to learn more about Midas Platform and help other users by participating in the mailing lists. If you wish to contribute code, make sure that you are aware of the quality dashboard and you adopt the appropriate coding styles and implementation standards. Finally, the online documentation has additional information about Midas Platform.

Contribute Code
As an open-source project, contributing code to Midas Platform is straightforward and encouraged. There are a few things to be aware of when contributing code and that make it easier and more beneficial to the wider Midas community. First, please focus on writing good, general-purpose code that follows the coding standards necessary to maintain high-quality software, which does require including the copyright on the software. Second, please be aware that the code you contribute can be used in commercial products, by any person or organization based on the Apache license. Using the unrestrictive license means that the software will reach the largest number of people and have the largest impact possible. Third, please note that the code that you contribute is owned (via the Apache license) by Kitware. Here is a more detailed explanation:

While the Apache license used with Midas Platform is unrestrictive and enables developers to modify and contribute code, the copyright is still held by Kitware Inc. This means that any code contributed to Midas Platform comes under the Kitware copyright. We do want to give credit and thanks to everyone contributing to the project, and so we encourage you to modify the standard copyright by adding a "thanks" field at the end that states your name and/or affiliation.

Commercial Products
The permissive Apache license allows the Midas code and software to be used within commercial products, as well as other open-source projects. Since the license is not a copy-left license, there is no obligation to use the same license. This creates the broadest possible audience and, therefore, use of the software, but does mean that some companies may choose to sell products that use Midas code. In this situation, neither Kitware nor individual developers are compensated financially or otherwise for their code.

Code Integration
We appreciate that developers are taking the time to work on the code and commit improvements, changes and updated code. It is these contributions that keep Midas alive as an open-source project. Unfortunately, we cannot always integrate contributed code into Midas Platform, for a variety of reasons. Please recognize that it is not intended as a slight to you or the code you developed, and is in no way indicative of integration decisions regarding future contributions.

Write an article for the Source!
The Kitware Source is a quarterly newsletter for developers that delivers detailed technical articles, information on recent releases and upcoming changes related to Kitware's open-source products. Kitware would like to encourage our active developer community to contribute to the Source. Contributions may include a technical article describing an enhancement you’ve made to a Kitware open-source project or successes/lessons learned via developing a product built upon one or more of Kitware’s open-source projects. Authors of any accepted article will receive a free, five volume set of Kitware books. Please send your ideas to